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The Young Jurks in Cambridge, Massachusetts broadcast on WEMF Radio covering local and national politics. Led by syndicated columnist Mike Crawford AKA Mike Cann, The Young Jurks are a leading voice on marijuana reform and other populist issues.
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Jun 9, 2018

The Young Jurks with Michael Maloney, candidate for Suffolk County District Attorney

Jun 9, 2018
The Young Jurks on proposed Peabody rec ban, Boston Calling, EMF artist protest, making money in the stock market and more!
With guests, Donna Hackett, a RI medical cannabis patient for cancer, Jacqueline Ortega owner of Bhang Yoga, as well as a Peabody, Mass mom who wants legal cannabis in her city. 
May 9, 2018

The Young Jurks open with Green Rainbow Party Candidates Jamie Guerin for State Treasurer, Massachusetts & Jed Stamas for AuditorThe program closes on a battle to stop a Peabody, Massachusetts city wide recreational cannabis ban with city councilor Joel Saslaw

Apr 8, 2018

Massachusetts State Rep and Suffolk County District Attorney candidate, Evandro Carvalho discusses race, criminal justice, cannabis policy, restorative justice and much more.

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Mar 18, 2018

THE YOUNG JURKS, Saturdays, 6pm with this week's guests, Tito Jackson and Monica Cannon- Grant discussing race and politics in Boston.  

Feb 24, 2018

The Young Jurks, Saturdays, 6pm with Guest US Rep Michael Capuano. Later The Young Jurks host a cannabis panel to discuss why some are boycotting MPAA, Mass Patient Advocacy Alliance.


Jan 25, 2018

The Young Jurks with guests, Boston City Councilor & Candidate for MA Sec of State Josh Zakim & Evan Falchuk of Voter Choice Massachusetts. Support us, get a TYJ bumper sticker at

Dec 31, 2017

Newton Mayor & Candidate for Massachusetts Governor Setti Warren on the Young Jurks with TaShonda Vincent-Lee

Sep 4, 2017

August 19th episode of The Young Jurks with Mike Crawford and Lauren Pespisa discuss Charlottesville and "Free Speech" rally in Boston....With a call from Grant Smith. Also discussing cannabis churches and the Boston boycott of Roger Stone's speech at an upcoming cannabis expo....

Aug 28, 2017

Boston City Councilor Tito Jackson live on The Young Jurks discussing cannabis policy, the free speech rally and counter-protest, as well as the work of DiDi Delgado, Monica Cannon-Grant. Changing the name of Yawkey Way is also discussed. Should Boston boycott Roger Stone's speech at an upcoming cannabis expo? Jackson also breaks news on his plan to harness both the students and buying power of local universities to help the city of Boston. Also discuss V.A. Shiva Ayyadurai, and the variety of problems that are left unaddressed by the city of Boston. Mike Crawford & The Young Jurks endorse Tito Jackson for Mayor of Boston.

Jul 23, 2017

The Young Jurks, Saturdays, 6pm with live in-studio guest, MasterChef, THE LION CHEF, Daniel Pontes-Macedo we discuss his run as a contestant on this season's Fox Television, MasterChef show as well as the passing of his brother, the beloved in Boston and LA, Victor, MC Exposition of Audible Mainframe, 5 years ago in April.




Jul 9, 2017

The Young Jurks, Saturdays, 6pm ET interview Boston City Councilor and Candidate for Mayor, Tito Jackson.

Are you still against the House marijuana omnibus bill?

I believe what has happened in the state of Massachusetts has been a miscarriage of justice … The people, over 1.8 million of them, their voice actually should carry forward … If the folks at the State House wanted to actually legislate this, why didn’t they doggone legislate it? Why did the people have to put a ballot question forward to legalize, regulate, and tax adult use of cannabis?


How would your Mayoral administration handle marijuana licensing?

As mayor of the City of Boston I look forward to ensuring that shops are open, that they are expedited in their opening … Unlike our current mayor, let me make this distinction, Mayor Marty Walsh was absolutely categorically against the legalization, regulation, taxation of adult use of cannabis in the state of Massachusetts, and he stood on the side of the alcohol industry and he stood on the side of Governor Baker, opposing the people in the City of Boston, because resoundingly people in the City of Boston said this is the direction we should go …


The reason why I did it? There has been a racist war on drugs for decades in this state. In 2008, possession of marijuana was legal, but if you were black between 2008 and 2016, you had a 330 percent higher chance of being arrested [for marijuana than white people] …


I do have to quote Tupac right now: “Instead of a war on poverty, they have a war on drugs so the police can bother me” When it comes down to it, we have been wrong in this, and sadly Mayor Walsh was unwilling to state that the state had been wrong.


The MassCann/NORML Boston Freedom Rally on the Common has sued the city six times in state court to get their permits, five times under the Menino administration and once with Mayor Walsh. What would you do as mayor to ensure that doesn’t have to occur again?

I believe we should have a city government that is based on democracy, accountability, and transparency, and it should be scandal-free. The Freedom Rally, the folks that want to celebrate their right in the City of Boston should be able to come to the oldest public park in America. We would welcome you versus having to fight us. General Electric didn’t need to get a permit … Do you need a helipad for the Freedom Rally?


Jun 5, 2017

Nikki Allen Poe joins The Young Jurks in his first post bail interview. Poe is an international marijuana reform activist facing a slew of charges for a marijuana speakeasy party in Philadelphia, a bust that made national headlines.

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May 31, 2017

Kevin Kafka of Canna Care Docs sits down with The Young Jurks

May 31, 2017

The Young Jurks, Live Saturdays, 6pm ET

With Guest, Heather Frizzell of Marathon podcast discussing the case for appeal of Dzhokhar "Jahar" Tsarnaev

May 19, 2017

The Young Jurks

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Chris Goldstein is a writer and columnist, as well as an advocate and educator who teaches a course titled Marijuana In The Media at Temple University. Along with Poe, Goldstein was once credited by the mayor of Philadelphia with helping the city decriminalize cannabis. I had a chance to interview Goldstein, who was smoking a cigarette outside of the party when the raid took place, on a recent episode of my WEMF Radio show, The Young Jurks. We spoke about the Philly bust and what it means for the movement—everywhere—going forward.

Apr 3, 2017

THE YOUNG JURKS, Live on Saturdays, 6pm ET
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With Guests, Rachel Donlan of MassCann/NORML and Jessica Edwards & Dan Skelton of Canna Better Consulting.

Mar 26, 2017

The Young JurksLive on Saturdays, 6pm ET
The Young Jurks or with the tunein app with Guest Steve Winslow running for Malden City Council. Later in the show we discuss the Leafly caregiver story in the Boston Globe and the statements of DPH and Mass Patient Advocacy Alliance. Phone calls from a patient using the non DPH sanctioned delivery services and MPAA's Michael Latullipe.

Mar 22, 2017

The Young Jurks, Saturdays, 6pm ET at

Live on Saturdays, 6pm ET
The Young Jurks or with the tunein app
The Young Jurks with Hosts, Mike Crawford & Brianna Morrell joined by the Lauren and Warren kids. With guests, medical marijuana mom, Donna Hackett on the importance of speaking up politically and Jeremy Norrie of the Secret Cup and Chalice discusses testing of cannabis at his events and the issues, the debate around what is important in testing...


Mar 6, 2017

The Young Jurks, Saturdays, 6pm ET Live on WEMF Radio with Guest, Somerville Alderman, Matthew McLaughlin discussing medical marijuana hearings in Somerville in addition to other issues such as the cost of living..

Feb 25, 2017

The Young Jurks,Saturdays, 6pm ET Live on WEMF Radio with Guest, Brianna Wu a Democratic candidate for US Congress against incumbent Democrat Stephen Lynch.

Brianna Wu is an American video game developer and computer programmer. She cofounded Giant Spacekat, an independent video game development studio with Amanda Warner in Boston, Massachusetts.[4] She is also a blogger and podcaster on matters relating to the video game industry.[5]

In October 2014, Wu posted multiple tweets about Gamergate advocates,[16][17] ridiculing them for "fighting an apocalyptic future where women are 8 percent of programmers and not 3 percent."[18] While she was monitoring 8chan's pro-Gamergate chanboard (/gg/), anonymous users posted sensitive personal information about her, including at least one post containing her address. Subsequently, Wu began receiving multiple, specific rape and death threats including her address, causing Wu to flee her home.[19] These threats have been widely attributed to Gamergate supporters.[18][20] In December Wu received e-mails at her corporate account that contained images of mutilated dogs from people who identified as Gamergate supporters, following the recent death of her dog, Crash.[21]

Along with Anita Sarkeesian and Zoë Quinn, Wu is frequently cited by the media as one of the targets of some GamerGate supporters' harassment of women in the gaming industry.[16][20][22][23][24] In February 2015, she said, "by attacking me so viciously, they’re helping give me the visibility to usher in the very game industry they’re terrified about."[25] She has started a legal defense fund for women targeted by Gamergate, and the Wu family is offering a $11,000 reward for information leading to the prosecution of those who have sent her death threats.[26][27][28] By February 2015 she was spending a full day a week contacting law enforcement, and was only attending events in the US with a security detail.[25] In March 2015, she said she had received 48 death threats during the previous six months.[29]

Feb 19, 2017

The Young Jurks interview Nichole Snow of Mass Patient Advocacy Alliance on their new pediatric medical marijuana bill at the Mass State House. Later in the show, The Young Jurks speak to DNC Chair Candidate, Sam Ronan.


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