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The Young Jurks in Cambridge, Massachusetts broadcast on WEMF Radio covering local and national politics. Led by syndicated columnist Mike Crawford AKA Mike Cann, The Young Jurks are a leading voice on marijuana reform and other populist issues.
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Jun 12, 2016

Saturdays, 6pm ET The Young Jurks live on WEMF Radio.

6/11/2016 The Young Jurks episode with a phone call from documentary producer, Greg Horvath Producer of "The Business of Recovery" doc.

With Stephen Mandile of Veterans Alternative Healing, Inc. live in-studio discussing his meeting that never happened with Governor Charlie Baker.

The Young Jurks also read a statement from Attorney Michael Cutler related to the use of Certified Nurse Practitioners to recommend medical marijuana by Canna Care Docs. 

G.L. c. 112, sec. 80I [] enables NPs to perform tasks under a doctor’s supervision generally, which would appear to include certifying patients under the MMJ statute (St. 2012, c. 369). BRN — the nurses' licensing agency, the Board of Registration in Nursing — enacted regulation 244 CMR sec. 4.06(3)(d), which does so explicitly. 
Still, the MMJ statute (at sec. 12&13) delegates only to DPH, the authority to issue regulations to implement the state MMJ law; DPH’s failure to adopt the BRN regulation (thus limiting MMJ certs to doctors, excluding NPs) appears to be the basis for BRM’s — the doctors’ licensing agency, the Board of Regulation in Medicine — persecution of at least one Canna Care Docs (CCD)-doctor. CCD’s doctor may have a defense based on sec. 80I, but BRM may persist in its jihad against MMJ doctors until both trial and appellate judges tell the BRM it is wrong (if the judges rule that sec. 80I and the BRN regulation trumps the failure of DPH to adopt a corresponding regulation allowing NPs to certify MMJ patients). 
Note, I do not represent CCD, nor its doctor(s)."

Attorney Michael D. Cutler, Northampton and Boston MA 
Telephone: (617) 816-6056; Email:;


And also a phone call from Segun Idowu, Boston Police Camera Action Team. The Young Jurks is also broadcast live on tunein app search for WEMF Radio. Support Massachusetts Patient Advocacy Alliance & Veterans Alternative Healing Inc.

Jun 8, 2016

The Young Jurks, Saturdays, 6pm ET Live on discuss Mass Campaign to Regulate Marijuana Like Alcohol Initiative as well as medical marijuana implementation and the meeting that never took place between Veterans and Governor Charlie Baker, with Guests, Pirate Party State Rep Candidate, Aaron James and Mass Patients Advocacy Alliance, Nichole Snow, Michael Latulippe & Jeanne Ficcardi-Sauro. Michael Bourque of CannaKorp also joins them. The suspension of two medical marijuana doctors licenses is also a subject of discussion as well as the law suit against the state from Rob Munroe which insanely places blame on a medical marijuana doctors office for the death of Mass State Trooper Thomas Clarty, with no real evidence.

May 30, 2016

The Young Jurks, Saturdays, 6pm ET discuss the Mass Medical Board suspending the license of Dr John Nadolny of Canna Care Docs. 

With guests, Stephen Mandile of Veterans Alternative Healing; Beth Waterfall of Women Grow; Ellen Brown of Sinsemilla Seminars; and Donna Hackett, RI medical marijuana pioneer.


Quoting from Pursuant to Chapter 369 of the Acts of 2012 and M.G.L.c.112 ꬸ 801, CNP’s are authorized to issue written certifications of marijuana for medical use as provided pursuant to the mutually agreed upon guidelines between the CNP and the physician supervising the CNP’s prescriptive practice.

According to the board’s order in Nadolny’s case, he is currently the medical director of Canna Care Docs, a medical marijuana dispensary company with several locations.

As of May 20, Nadolny, who also has privileges at Melrose-Wakefield Hospital and Lawrence Memorial Hospital, had issued 5,792 medical marijuana certificates and violated protocols on “multiple occasions,” the order said.

Among the violations were failing to diagnose patients with a debilitating medical condition as required by law and delegating to nurse practitioners the authority to make such diagnoses. 

May 23, 2016

The Young Jurks, Saturdays, 6pm ET live on WEMF Radio, speak to Mass State Rep Candidate Josh Sanderski on the phone and are joined later in the show with the guys from the Social High app, Scott Bettano and Phil Hardy.

Discussing a week full of full on reefer madness in Massachusetts and announcing that Senator Pat Jehlen will be live with The Young Jurks, next Saturday 5/28/2016.

May 16, 2016

The Young Jurks, Live Saturdays, 6pm ET on speak with Veteran, Stephen Mandile discussing his week of sleeping outside the MA State House, hoping to gain a meeting with Mass Governor, Charlie Baker in hopes of removing barriers for Veterans seeking to be prescribed cannabis over opiates. Mandile also discusses his interactions this week with State Senator, Jason Lewis. 

Later in the show, The Young Jurks speak to Pirate Party Candidate for MA State Rep, Aaron James.

Additionally, The Young Jurks speak with two moms on their campaign to raise funds for Police training to help them recognize autism.



May 9, 2016

The Young Jurks, Saturdays, 6pm ET live on WEMF Radio with Salisbury, MA Selectmen Candidates, Gil Medeiros & Ronalee Ray-Parrott. Also joining them in-studio is Ezra Pryor, founder the Cannabis Chemistry Health and Safety Subdivision and Ellen Brown of Northeastern Institute of Cannabis. Discussing the campaign over marijuana legalization in Massachusetts. THE YOUNG JURKS Saturdays from 6-7:30pm ET!

Call in 617-500-7100

May 2, 2016

The Young Jurks live Saturdays on WEMF Radio, debate and discuss with Attorney John Scheft who filed a Mass Supreme Court Lawsuit to disqualify the 2016 Mass legalization initiative.

Later in the show, The Young Jurks celebrate 2 years of broadcasting with in-studio guests, Mike Connolly (running for MA State Rep) and The Bay State Examiner's Andrew and Maya. They also take some listener calls.



Apr 18, 2016

Say no to reefer madness. The Young Jurks live Saturdays, 6pm ET on welcome their number 1 caller as a guest to the show, Dan the Man, with other live in-studio guests, Ellen Brown and Janine Donovan. Later in the show, The Young Jurks speak to Campaign to Regulate Marijuana Like Alcohol's Political Director, Will Luzier about the announcement that Boston Mayor Martin Walsh and Mass Governor Charlie Baker have formed a campaign to oppose legalization in Mass. Discussing Boston Herald Op-Ed that asks for "safe space" for Walsh because he's a reformed Alcoholic after CRMLA and many of us on twitter memed the hypocrites for backing booze while opposing cannabis regulation. Discuss Howie Carr, Boston Globe and next week's New England Cannabis Convention at the Hynes Convention Center. 

Apr 12, 2016

Saturdays at 6pm ET The Young Jurks live on with Guests, Cambridge Vice Mayor Marc McGovern and Josh Sanderski for MA State Rep (Leominster). With Ellen Brown of New England Cannabis Conventions. Topics of discussion, medical marijuana and legalization, Howie Carr,  plastic bag bans, Bernie Sanders, Hillary Clinton, and more....

Apr 5, 2016

The Young Jurks, Saturdays, 6pm ET, Hosted by Mike Crawford & Lauren Pespisa, with Rhodes Pierre and with guests, Mark & Stacie Warcewicz, owners of the Red Ridge Farm in Salisbury, MA and their zoning fight with the town.

Later in the show, Cambridge City Councilor, Leland Cheung announces his run for MA Senate against Pat Jehlen. With Michael Dundas, CEO of Sage Cannabis and Nichole Snow, Exec Director with Mass Patient Advocacy Alliance. 

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Listen live on Saturdays at or with the tunein app, search for WEMF Radio. 


Mar 28, 2016

The Young Jurks with Hosts, Mike Crawford & Lauren Pespisa return to WEMF Radio, Saturdays, 6pm ET with Guests from New England Veterans Alliance and Dan Fishman for MA State Rep. Crawford clashes with Fishman over his lack of strong support for The Campaign to Regulate Marijuana Like Alcohol in Massachusetts. 

They kick off the show discussing their Governor Charlie Baker, Beer vs Joint Challenge.

Mar 22, 2016

The Young Jurks, with Hosts, Mike Crawford & Lauren Pespisa with Rhodes Pierre, Saturdays, 6pm ET, WEMF Radio, once again challenge Governor Charlie Baker to a Beer vs. Joint Challenge after he pens a reefer mad column in opposition to legalization with Boston Mayor Martin Walsh and MA AG Maura Healey. 

With Guest, Ellen Brown of Northeastern Institute of Cannabis and New England Cannabis Conventions. 

Also discussing Mike's guest spot on Herald Radio, Cambridge's upcoming hearing for Sage Cannabis and Canna Care Docs free medical marijuana doctor recommendations for Veterans.

Mar 15, 2016

THE YOUNG JURKS, 3/12/2016 With Hosts, Mike Crawford & Lauren Pepsisa, with Rhodes Pierre, Live Saturdays on at 6pm ET with guests, Alex Marthews, Digital 4th & Jason Pramas, BINJ Journalist discussing his coverage of the Boston GE Deal and the coverage from the rest of the Boston media. We also discuss Mike's latest story published with Civilized and BINJ

Mar 9, 2016

The Young Jurks Live Saturdays, 6pm ET on with guests, Andrew and Maya from

Discussing Quincy Police Department's response to a simple FOIA request and which of the Boston city councilors that voted for a zoning proposal that would benefit Patriot Care's Milk Street dispensary, took money from Patriot Care. Councilor Michael Flaherty who took the most campaign contributions introduced the zoning proposal. Patriot Care denies they had anything to do with that. We apologize for the choppy podcast, we lost most of this week's episode/recording due to encoding issues.

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Mar 3, 2016

Live Saturdays, 6pm ET on The Young Jurks break the news that a friend of the show, Mike Connolly is running for office in Cambridge, Mass against incumbent MA State Rep Tim Toomey. Connolly discusses the issues that concern voters. Connolly supports The Massachusetts Campaign to Regulate Marijuana Like Alcohol Initiative. 

Feb 28, 2016

1.23.2016 The Young Jurks live on Saturdays, 6pm ET with MA State Senate Candidate, Alex Mendez, discussing marijuana reform, the opiate epidemic, and bringing agriculture back to Massachusetts. 

Feb 24, 2016

The Young Jurks, Saturdays, 6pm ET Live on WEMF Radio, 2/20/2016 episode hosted by Mike Crawford & Lauren Pespisa with Guest, Paul Rifkin charged for trespassing in protest of the Plymouth nuke power plant. Later in the show with Ellen Brown and Rhodes Pierre joining them, The Jurks discuss presidential politics, Donald Trump, Hillary Clinton, Howie Carr, Bernie Sanders and also the recent Crawford DigBoston GOLDMAN SACKS story of patients protesting the opening day for Patriot Care's medical marijuana dispensary. The Jurks also promote Wicked Good Causes and a Cambridge City Council hearing for the Sage Cannabis medical marijuana dispensary.

Feb 20, 2016

with Guest, Deanna Jean Ryther discussing the campaign to free her brother, Vic Hansen.

Mike Cann and Rhodes Pierre discussing the Presidential Campaigns, Bernie Sanders, Hillary Clinton and Patriot Care Dispensary Patient Protest..

The Young Jurks, Saturdays, 6pm ET Live on



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