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The Young Jurks in Cambridge, Massachusetts broadcast on WEMF Radio covering local and national politics. Led by syndicated columnist Mike Crawford AKA Mike Cann, The Young Jurks are a leading voice on marijuana reform and other populist issues.
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May 30, 2016

The Young Jurks, Saturdays, 6pm ET discuss the Mass Medical Board suspending the license of Dr John Nadolny of Canna Care Docs. 

With guests, Stephen Mandile of Veterans Alternative Healing; Beth Waterfall of Women Grow; Ellen Brown of Sinsemilla Seminars; and Donna Hackett, RI medical marijuana pioneer.


Quoting from Pursuant to Chapter 369 of the Acts of 2012 and M.G.L.c.112 ꬸ 801, CNP’s are authorized to issue written certifications of marijuana for medical use as provided pursuant to the mutually agreed upon guidelines between the CNP and the physician supervising the CNP’s prescriptive practice.

According to the board’s order in Nadolny’s case, he is currently the medical director of Canna Care Docs, a medical marijuana dispensary company with several locations.

As of May 20, Nadolny, who also has privileges at Melrose-Wakefield Hospital and Lawrence Memorial Hospital, had issued 5,792 medical marijuana certificates and violated protocols on “multiple occasions,” the order said.

Among the violations were failing to diagnose patients with a debilitating medical condition as required by law and delegating to nurse practitioners the authority to make such diagnoses. 

May 23, 2016

The Young Jurks, Saturdays, 6pm ET live on WEMF Radio, speak to Mass State Rep Candidate Josh Sanderski on the phone and are joined later in the show with the guys from the Social High app, Scott Bettano and Phil Hardy.

Discussing a week full of full on reefer madness in Massachusetts and announcing that Senator Pat Jehlen will be live with The Young Jurks, next Saturday 5/28/2016.

May 16, 2016

The Young Jurks, Live Saturdays, 6pm ET on speak with Veteran, Stephen Mandile discussing his week of sleeping outside the MA State House, hoping to gain a meeting with Mass Governor, Charlie Baker in hopes of removing barriers for Veterans seeking to be prescribed cannabis over opiates. Mandile also discusses his interactions this week with State Senator, Jason Lewis. 

Later in the show, The Young Jurks speak to Pirate Party Candidate for MA State Rep, Aaron James.

Additionally, The Young Jurks speak with two moms on their campaign to raise funds for Police training to help them recognize autism.



May 9, 2016

The Young Jurks, Saturdays, 6pm ET live on WEMF Radio with Salisbury, MA Selectmen Candidates, Gil Medeiros & Ronalee Ray-Parrott. Also joining them in-studio is Ezra Pryor, founder the Cannabis Chemistry Health and Safety Subdivision and Ellen Brown of Northeastern Institute of Cannabis. Discussing the campaign over marijuana legalization in Massachusetts. THE YOUNG JURKS Saturdays from 6-7:30pm ET!

Call in 617-500-7100

May 2, 2016

The Young Jurks live Saturdays on WEMF Radio, debate and discuss with Attorney John Scheft who filed a Mass Supreme Court Lawsuit to disqualify the 2016 Mass legalization initiative.

Later in the show, The Young Jurks celebrate 2 years of broadcasting with in-studio guests, Mike Connolly (running for MA State Rep) and The Bay State Examiner's Andrew and Maya. They also take some listener calls.